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10 Things Every Studio Should Have

                                                                          by Bill Swick

I was recently asked to write a short article on ten things every studio should have.  I looked around my own studio and these are the things I am always using, and here is my list.  The items are not listed in any particular order.

1) This wireless power peg pro is great, especially when a string breaks right before a performance.  It holds its charge for weeks.  I keep two charged at all times.  It seems like I use them daily in the classroom.

2) If you have a need to change a full set of strings, or several sets at one time, this little device works great with any drill.  

3) This Apogee JAM is a great way to connect any electric instrument to an iPad, iPhone, or computer and use with your favorite apps or recording software.  I have been using mine for over a decade.

4) This pair of matched microphones are great for recording acoustic guitar,   It is idea to place them rather closely to the instrument and separate them to capture the various tones of the guitar.

5) This shotgun mic is great for amplifying a guitar ensemble or recording.  This mic is designed to be placed a few feet away to capture the overall sound of the performance.  This is another tool I use for every performance and have been for years.  It works great when coupled with the above pair.

6) This is my daily "go-to" when picking up any guitar.  This polish works great.  I have been using the same brand for decades.  After all, Martin puts their name on it, so it has to be good.

7) This is my latest acquisition.  Since Covid, there has been a push to create more videos.  This set has 3 colored backdrops, black, white, and green as well as lights with reflectors.   This set can transform a wall in your studio into everything you need to shoot clean videos.

8) This wireless set is idea for featuring electric guitarists on concerts and not worry about cables.  It is also idea in the studio not to have cables draping across the floor.  They work great and have been dependable.  They work with all electric instruments, not just guitar.  I have used them with violins, pianos, and electric drums just to minimize the cables.

9) This was gifted to me about ten years ago and I keep it close at all times.  It has most of the tools necessary for quick repairs.  And, more importantly, it has the tools to set up a guitar and make it easier to play.  It is a great package for any guitarist.

10) This was also gifted to me and a great gift it has been.  I use it daily and have done so for the past several years.  It is sturdy and does not slip or come off unless I want to remove it.  It is a great way to maintain good playing position without using a footstool.

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