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Bransle de la Torch

Bransle de la Torch


This arrangement of Bransle de la Torch by Michael
Praetorius is arranged by Bill Swick for four mixed guitars. With the mixed guitar
ensemble, all parts play in first position. The requinto guitar plays some chords
and needs to read triple stops. The rhythms are considered early intermediate
level. While most of the range may be played in first position, there are many
This piece ideal for exposing students to the Renaissance period. This is ideal for
Year 2, Quarter 3. Score and Parts. $12.00

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  • Guitar Family Series

    This collection of easy guitar quartets is intended to be a supplement to any intermediate guitar program. As a classroom guitar teacher, it is necessary to have plenty of classroom materials to fill the classtime and keep students active in learning. Ensemble playing is an important part of music education. Students frequently learn the skills of music making through performing musical arrangements. Ensemble playing also promotes
    teamwork within the classroom.
    This series of easy guitar quartets is
    written at the level of most second
    year/first semester guitar students. To
    perform these quartets, students will
    need to be able to read all of the notes
    in first position on all six strings. The
    Octave Guitar Part is written for a 1/4
    size guitar that is tuned one octave
    higher than a regular guitar. If you do
    not have this instrument, the Octave
    Guitar Part may be played on regular
    guitar with a capo at the twelfth fret.
    Most capos will not fit on a nylon-string guitar at the twelfth fret. There is a capo on the
    market known as the Spider Capo that works well and is available at
    If using a capo on the twelfth fret, it is best to use a guitar with a cutaway. The Alto Guitar Part can be played on a 1/2 size guitar tuned to B-F#-D-A-E-B. The Alto Guitar Part may also be played on a regular guitar using a regular capo on the seventh fret. The Requinto Guitar Part may be played on a 3/4 size guitar tuned to A-E-C-G-D-A. The Requinto Guitar Part may also be played on a regular guitar using a regular capo placedon the fifth fret. The Guitar Part will be performed on a regular size guitar.

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